About Us.

Adam is originally from Northern California; where he attended Los Gatos High School. After high school, Adam received his Bachelor’s degree from the University California of San Diego. During his time in San Diego, he met Jelica. After graduating from University California of San Diego, Adam returned home to the Bay Area and was entered into the United States Marine Corps as an Officer. Adam is currently stationed in Pensacola Florida.

Jelica is originally from Southern California. She graduated from Westview High School, in San Diego California. After high school, Jelica attended Northeastern for a short while—she eventually transferred to the University of San Francisco, conveniently Adam had just returned to the Bay Area at this time. Jelica graduated from the University of San Francisco in December of 2010, and is currently living and working in the Bay Area.

Our Story

We’ve had a pretty organic relationship. We dated for about a year without ever concluding what we were. We have always had this way of just deciding where we are in our in our relationship.

Summer of 2007

When Jelica went out to visit Adam in April 2010, they went to DC and spent the weekend. It was Jelica’s first time in DC and so the two went sight seeing. They walked to almost all of the “big” spots, but Jelica had worn the wrong footwear and so they ended their day early. Adam was going to propose when they walked through the cherry blossom’s but that didn’t happen because of the Mrs. choice in shoes. The two went out to dinner that night, but no such luck. Jelica knew that there was a ring or that the two were going to go visit her favorite store, with the pretty blue box… but neither had happened…. In the morning Jelica was packing in the bathroom (hair in a hot mess, no make up on, still in her pj’s) and Adam said to her from the main room, “What are you doing?” “Packing… duh.” Jelica was trying to get everything done because they two had to check out by ten and she was already behind on packing… “Do you think you’ll have any room for this?” Adam said, now standing in the doorway. “Have room for what?” Jelica hadn’t looked down yet (she was trying to pack and thought Adam was referring to something he couldn’t fit into his bag… She looked down and squealed, there was a ring, in a box, from the place with the blue boxes…. She threw her arms around her and hugged him.. “Will you marry me?” he asked. “Yes!” Adam slipped off the promise ring Jelica had been wearing for two years and replaced it…..

We are very excited to start our lives together; wherever that may be.


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